Danish stories

13 girls 12 accidents
12 small sculptures, pressmolded Royal Copehagen porcelain, glaze, lustre

Danish comfort
Pudding, danish milk and honey in porcelain puddingshapes made with local trees

Guldagergaard tiles
Tiles with relief formed bij local plants and barks, stoneware, ashglaze, porcelain


work made during a stay in Guldagergaard ceramic research centre in Danmark

In Guldagergaard I casted tree stems. The aspect in the bark that reflects life for me most are the healed wounds, the places where the trees were damaged or where branches were cut off. Most wounds heal, as time proceeds they get covered by new bark, forming new patterns.

Some wounds will not heal, the wood will rot, form a hole, and the hole will give life to new life forms. In Guldagergaard I used local clay and the last traces of Royal Copenhagen to make tiles, objects and small sculptures using the bark playing hide and seek with old and unexpected story’s